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Tuesdays with Morey is a new weekly broadcast discussing US Tax Solutions that are applicable for every person. You will get invaluable advice on how to protect your assets, potentially lower your tax debt and much more. This will surely become a staple of your weekly schedule.

New Episode Every Tuesday!

Meet the Tax Guru

Maurice “Morey” Glazer
CEO of Glazer Financial Network

Maurice M. Glazer has been a financial advisor for over 40 years. He is responsible for the overall operation of the businesses for 30 full-time professional and support staff. He has been a featured speaker at many major events around the world, has written many articles and publications, and has appeared on Syndicated TV and many local broadcasts.


Meet the Host

Macarena Rose
Founder of Rainforest Realty – Belize

Macarena Rose is the owner of Rainforest Realty in Belize, developing it into one of the leading real estate agencies in Central America. She remains a vital presence in the Central America real estate industry, maintaining an ongoing leadership role while continuing a busy schedule.

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Episode 58
The Right Real Estate Broker Makes All the Difference

Episode 57
The IRS is Cracking Down on Offshore Accounts

Episode 56
Do You Have a Qualified Financial Professional on Your Side?

Episode 55
Who Can You Trust With Your Offshore Business?

Episode 54
Plan to Plan Before You Make A Big Overseas Move

Episode 53
Planning is Essential to Securing Your Financial Future

Episode 52
Potential Tax Savings Could Be a Boon for Small Business

Episode 51
Important Tax Changes Are Coming to the United States

Episode 50
Qualified Financial Professionals Are Essential

Episode 49
Do You Have Deductions Your Accountant Didn't Tell You About?

Episode 48
What's Behind the New Tax Bill in the U.S. & Documenting Your Expenses

Episode 47
Don't Take a Chance, File Your Tax Returns to Stay Compliant

Episode 46
What Tax Deductions Are You Overlooking?

Episode 45
New Rules and Due Dates for Expatriate Taxes

Episode 44
How Do Foreign Taxes Affect My U.S. Tax Deductions?

Episode 43
Lifestyle Planning and Tax Tips with Morey and Macarena

Episode 42
How Will You Handle the Forthcoming Changes in Healthcare?

Episode 41
Financial Planning Can Make or Break Your Business

Episode 40
Use Depreciation to Save Big on 2016 Taxes

Episode 39
Do Your Tax Planning Now to Prepare for 2017

Episode 38
You Need A Financial Planner with Experience in Foreign Taxes

Episode 37
Tax Tips for International Real Estate Investors

Episode 36
Do You Know the Tax Code of the Foreign Country You Want to Move to?

Episode 35
Morey and Macarena Want to Help You Plan For Your Tax Future

Episode 34
Do You Know What Tax Forms You Need If You Have Foreign Assets?

Episode 33
The Importance of Planning to Plan

Episode 32
Things You Need to Know, If You Are Moving Abroad

Episode 31
Lifestyle Planning Utilizing the Foreign Earned Income Credit

Episode 30
Foreign Accounts

Episode 29
Be Vigilant! Stay Current on Your U.S. Taxes Even If You Live Offshore

Episode 28
Morey, Can I Use My IRA to Buy Real Estate?

Episode 27
How Much Do You Need to Save in a Profit-Sharing or Retirement Account?

Episode 26
Does Your Tax Preparer Have the Necessary Qualifications to File Your Taxes?

Episode 25
Contact Your Financial Planner Before Buying International Real Estate

Episode 24
Obamacare is Forcing Business Owners to Bear the Burden of Universal Healthcare Costs

Episode 23
Did You Know the IRS Filing Dates Have Changed?

Episode 22
Information and Logistics about the Tax Tips with Morey Conference in Dallas

Episode 21
The Importance of Responding to IRS Correspondence Immediately

Episode 20
The FBAR, Penalties and Ever-Changing Tax Laws

Episode 19
You Need A Proper Tax Planning Professional Who is Up-To-Date on the U.S. Tax Code

Episode 18
Prioritizing Tax Planning Before Your Offshore Move is the Best Way to Thrive in Your New Environment

Episode 17
Health Savings Accounts Can Be Used for Many Tax Deductible Expenses

Episode 16
Offshore Real Estate Tax Planning Much Needed Advice

Episode 15
Tax Depreciation Deductions Deceptions

Episode 14
Tax Provisions in Budget Extension Bills

Episode 13
Will New Taxes be Imposed on U.S. Corporations with an Offshore Workforce?

Episode 12
Careful Planning is Necessary Before You Make Your Big Move Offshore

Episode 11
Best Tax Questions to Ask an Accountant

Episode 10
IRS Tax Forms : The IRS will be Expecting These Tax Forms if you Live or Own a Business Offshore

Episode 9
Tax Planning Beyond Tomorrow

Episode 8
Offshore Options: Are they still safe?

Episode 7
Hire a Tax Professional to Make You Compliant

Episode 6
Which Type of Entity is Best For You?

Episode 5
All You Need to Know About Filing the FBAR (Form 114)

Episode 4
Tax Requirements Every Expat and U.S. Citizen Should Understand

Episode 3
Expat Tax Filing Requirements

Episode 2
The Importance of Planning

Episode 1
Tax Tips for Expats

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