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Retirement Plans

"We will show you how to fund a Qualified Retirement Plan; even if you are starting late."

The Pension Specialists, Inc. is an independent third party administrator for benefit and retirement plans. Our mission is to meet our client's objectives by providing excellent service.

The Pension Specialists, Inc. provide services to many well known companies, which include, Broker Dealers, Investment Firms, CPA Firms, Law Firms, Medical Groups, Hospitals, Engineers and Retail Businesses.

Have you had a pension checkup recently?

"The current changes to the pension law require deliberate action."

  • Plan Administration — Many changes in the tax law impact existing plans and design of new plans. Is your plan ready?
  • Investment Options — We offer a broad range of investment opportunities ranging from hands-on to hands-off management. Are you offering or utilizing the best investments options available?
  • Fiduciary Liability — For plans that enable participants to direct their own investment we help protect you from fiduciary liability. Are you exposed?


Administration Types

Balance Forward with:*
  • Any Single Fund Family
  • Ten Fund Limit
  • Pooled Accounts
  • Quarterly Exchanges
  • Quarterly Benefit Statements
Daily Valuation with:*
  • Multiple Fund Families
  • Fifty Fund Limit
  • Omnibus Accounts
  • Daily Exchanges
  • Quarterly Benefit Statement
  • 1-800 Account Access
  • Print Internet Account Information on Demand

* Individual stock trading accounts are also available

Allocation Types

  • Uniform Point Allocation
  • Permitted Disparity
  • New Comparability (IRC 401(a)4)
  • (Cross Tested Benefit Based
    Discrimination Testing)

Document Types

Mass Submitter Prototypes
  • Standardized
  • Non-Standardized
  • Volume Submitter Prototypes
  • Individually Designed


Contact us for a complimentary consultation or call (972) 385-0007 or (800) 999-8931.


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