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Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is used to assist with costs of long-term care that one might need should there be an illness or an accident as well as the normal effects of aging. The valuable support and financial resources that LTC insurance provides will help give you and your family the confidence to face the future with asset protection and the ability to choose where you receive care whether it be in a nursing home, an assisted living facility or in-home assistance.

Best Candidate

Although anyone and everyone is a candidate for LTC insurance, some are at a greater risk of requiring it.  There are many factors to consider when making the decision to purchase LTC insurance.

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Health Issues:

A family history of chronic or debilitating conditions would put you at greater risk of future situations in which LTC insurance would be crucial.

With a longer life expectancy, statistics show that women are at a far higher threat of needing LTC insurance as they often live longer than their spouse.
Family Structure:

Over the years society has changed in many ways including that of how family members are taken care of. Historically children have taken responsibility of their aging parents but this option is less feasible today and the alternative is a nursing facility in which LTC insurance would be of great importance.

Ease your mind from the worries of the unknown when it comes to your future health and make the difficult times of aging, sickness or injury a stress free event from a financial point of view.

At Glazer Financial Network our priority is our client’s happiness & financial security.  To get a closer look into LTC insurance and to find the option that best fits your needs, contact us today at 972-385-0007.



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